IT Support

Everything you need, in one place. We are your reference point from fleet management, through the Cloud and ending with customer service.

At GAM Office we want you and your company to get all the support you need. We want to be your reference point, relied upon to have a state-of-the-art technology compartment that is always up and running.

That is why we have designed and structured a system that guides you from start to finish and provides 360° support. All so you can sleep easy dreams: everything is under control and nothing is left to chance.

Basically, we provide you with 360° support starting from consulting service, which allows us to take a snapshot of the current situation of your current infrastructure stock, to a possible update/upgrade situation of the same. Through our partnerships, we will be able to provide you with everything your business needs.

In addition, an active Help Desk service for the company where we follow, step by step, all your issues: from the simplest to those that require superior technical expertise.

Basically, we offer you the complete package:

  1. We perform an initial assessment of your current technology situation
  2. We present to you the best technology solutions, based on your needs
  3. We manage all the infrastructure for you, from A to Z (Data Processing Center CED, server management, domain, workstations, Help Desk) that your company needs in order to be always at full capacity

Specifically, here is what we can do for you and your company.

CED Area Management

CED area management provides comprehensive support for both the hardware and software parts of your infrastructure, with management covering hardware, server, domain, networking management, firewall, switch and backup systems

In addition to fleet maintenance and server management, we also provide you with support for all users in the company. You contact us, a ticket is opened right away, and our department handles it as best it can.

The service is based on two levels:

  1. First level: interventions on PDL side issues
  2. Second level: server side/VM interventions

But it doesn’t end there:

  • We take care of your workstations (computers, monitors and accessories)
  • We have an operations center to evaluate everything you need
  • We provide you with many software including Kaspersky, Mailstore, Veeam Backup & Replication and many others
  • VOIP telephony: we provide 3cx virtual switchboards (a professional virtual switchboard that provides the typical features of a telephone system, such as voicemail, fax service, auto responder, audio conferencing, and so on)

Customer Care

By clicking the button below you can download our tool by which we can give you real-time technical assistance