Miami, April 3rd 2024

WORLD PREMIÈRE: The First Smart Seal for the maritime sector

Italian IT company GAM, a renowned expert in IT solutions for the maritime sector, is proud to present its latest innovation to the world: GAM Smart Seal.

What is GAM Smart Seal?

It is a groundbreaking system for controlling your valves and avoiding unauthorized opening. In the maritime sector, it is crucial to avoid reputation damage or financial fines due to accidental leakage of liquids. GAM Smart Seal offers an innovative solution to this important issue: an electronic seal connected to an almost real-time monitoring system. Monitor all your seals in a smarter and faster way!

Especially for industries subject to regulatory requirements regarding valve closures – such as oil and gas, chemical processing, or water management, GAM Smart Seal provides a reliable means of ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

GAM Smart Seal innovation provides unique advantages

– Early Warning System: By continuously monitoring valve closures, GAM Smart Seals can serve as an early warning system for potential malfunctions or maintenance needs.

Enhanced Security: GAM Smart Seal provides an added layer of security by ensuring that valves remain closed and intact. This prevents unauthorized access to critical infrastructure, reducing the risk of tampering or sabotage.

– Real-time Monitoring: With GAM Smart Seal, valve closures can be monitored in almost real-time, allowing for immediate detection of any anomalies or unauthorized activity. This enables prompt responses to potential security breaches or operational issues. This enables prompt responses to potential security breaches or operational issues.

– Data Logging and Audit Trails: GAM Smart Seal allows data logging for valve activity over time. This creates comprehensive audit trails that can be invaluable for compliance purposes, investigations, or performance analysis.

– Remote Monitoring: GAM Smart Seals are being monitored remotely, improving operational efficiency and allowing for quick response to any issues that may arise. All the data is being collected, analyzed and rendered available through a customizable intuitive and insightful user interface. Monitor traps and alerts are fully custom based.

– Reduced Maintenance Costs: Traditional methods of monitoring valve closures may require manual inspections or periodic maintenance checks. GAM Smart Seal automates this process, reducing the need for manual intervention and lowering associated maintenance costs.

GAM Smart Seal: a game changer for cruise ships

The proactive approach of GAM Smart Seal is already in an advanced test state on a COSTA cruise ship, preventing costly downtime and reducing the risk of equipment failure. Implementation of the GAM Smart Seals is quite ready to go on other 2 cruise ships worldwide.

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